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Are you ready to experience Poodah’s Meet & Greet consultation?

Thank you for your interest in learning more about Poodah’s Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Service. Meeting new people isn’t easy for anyone, especially our pets. In fact, it can often be quite awkward. For this reason, Poodah’s Meet and Greet for Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters is one of the most important steps of our onboarding process. This meeting gives us the opportunity to get to know you and your pet(s), start building a relationship, and help us determine whether or not your pet will be the “poofect” fit for us.

We are excited about the opportunity to meet you and your amazing fur family! To start the Meet and Greet process, please read the information and complete the contact form below.

Preparing For Your Poodah’s Meet & Greet Consultation

  • Plan for a 30 to 60-minute visit, depending on how many pets you have and the level of detail for their overall care.
  • We will take quality time to get acquainted with both, you and your pet(s)
  • We will work together to design a Custom Pet Care Plan that meets your pet needs.
  • We will become familiar with the location of various items needed while caring for your pet(s) (i.e., leash, trash pails, prescription medications, etc).
  • If you feel that Poodah’s is a great fit for your family, you will review and sign the required onboarding forms which include the following: Pet Information Form, Medical Release Form, Poodah’s Policies and Procedures, and Pet Owner’s Agreement.

Additional Poodah’s Meet & Greet Consultation

The first Poodah’s Meet and Greet for Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters consultation is absolutely FREE of charge! If more than one consultation is needed, for example, to meet & greet with our sitters or going over medication not covered in the first consult, there will be an additional fee(s).

Meet Some of Poodah’s Fur Babies

In order to start the Poodah’s Meet and Greet Consultation process, please complete the form below. 

Which service(s) you are interested in:*

We require a *15-minute phone consultation to allow both of us to get enough information to decide if we should move forward with an official Poodah’s Meet and Greet Consultation. After clicking the submit button, you will be re-directed to our appointment calendar. Please choose the date and time that works best for you based upon our availability.