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Top Overnight Pet Sitting Services in Jefferson and Shelby Counties

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In need of Professional Overnight Pet Sitting and House Sitting Services in Birmingham?

Poodah’s Dog Walking and Pet Sitting services are here for you!

Providing overnight, in-home, pet sitting in Birmingham and surrounding cities is a phase beyond. At Poodah’s we offer professional overnight pet sitting and house sitting services in Birmingham and surrounding cities for those pets who favor having a recurrent human presence (and a person to snuggle with them at night!). Pets are happier when they’re in their own environment.

With our overnight pet sitting service, your pets can stay in their surroundings even when you can’t be there. You can feel safe knowing that your home has the added bonus of security that Poodah overnight pet stay provides; your home is taken care of, in addition to your pet. Consider this option the next best thing to being home yourself.

Custom Overnight Pet Sitting Options


$68 per night

This service is like a typical 8-5 workday schedule. Your pets will have a max of 8-9 hours alone during the day, then a Poodah sitter in the evening and overnight. Overnight pet sitting includes a late afternoon/dinner pet care routine and dog walk overnight stay + PM walking, and morning pet care routine + AM walking. If an additional mid-day dog walk is needed, read on for the options below.


$87 per night

All services are provided in a Regular Overnight, plus a 30-minute midday walk/visit. With this option, your pets won’t be without a friend for more than 5-6 hours, maximum, at any time during the day or night.

*This is my most popular option.

Super Plus

$105 per occasional walk

All services offered in a Regular Overnight, plus two additional 30-minute midday walks/visits. An excellent option for households with puppies, older dogs, or pups who are used to having lots of action/work from home. With this option, your pets won’t be without a pal for more than 3-4 hours, maximum, at any time during the day or night.

24-Hour Homestay

Contact Us for pricing

This is the best option for medically fragile pets, new puppies, or other unique needs. Your pet sitter will be away from your home for only a maximum of two, two-hour breaks in 24-hours. Please reach to work out the best care program for your pet.

*In extreme cases less time away can be arranged.

Every single Overnight option includes, at a minimum, the following care:

  • Evening pet care routine between 4-7 pm (dinner and walking)
  • Midday walks as determined by scheduled overnight service type
  • Overnight stay (check-in by 10 pm)
  • Morning pet care routine between 6-9 am (breakfast and walking)
  • All the love, hugs, tummy rubs, and attention your pet needs
  • Medication administration
  • Cleaning/tidying up of pet areas
  • Home-related care, like collecting newspapers, mail, and packages, watering your indoor/outdoor plants and gardens, alternating lights and blinds, putting out the trash, caring for your outdoor wildlife (squirrels/birds).

Any other reasonable pet or home care—we personalize every visit to accommodate you and your pet’s needs!

Keep in mind that your pet sitter will have other pet sitting or dog walking rounds but will be using your home as their “home base.” The time spent with your pets will vary based on your sitter’s schedule, however, it will always include at least the minimum time stated above and, likely, more. Remember, it’s the closest thing to being home yourself!

*Holiday Sitting Rates

Additional $10 per sitting on all major holidays.

*Holidays include: Easter Sunday Memorial Day Fourth of July Labor Day Thanksgiving Day Christmas Eve Christmas Day New Year’s Eve New Year’s Day

*Short Notice Fee

$8 Inconvenience Fee

For all last-minute pet walking/sitting requests less than 24-hours in advance and same day of service.