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Birmingham Potty/Puppy Care Service

Potty break visits are good for older dogs that can’t hold it as long as they used to, or pups that are in the potty-training process and still learning how to be housebroken.

We at Poodah’s have dog walkers that are pup-pee specialists; they’ll make sure your pet gets the restroom relief they need, so you don’t need to hurry home on your break to avoid a doggy accident. These visits are also great for issuing any type of needed medications for your pet, right on time.

What is included in our Potty/Puppy Care Service:

Potty breaks can be quick walks or yard time – whatever you prefer.

15-minute visits that can be scheduled multiple times per day, depending on your pet’s specific needs

$16/per visit/dog

*Holiday Walking Rates

Additional $8 per walk on all major holidays.

*Holidays include: Easter Sunday Memorial Day Fourth of July Labor Day Thanksgiving Day Christmas Eve Christmas Day New Year’s Eve New Year’s Day

*Short Notice Fee

$8 Inconvenience Fee

For all last-minute pet walking/sitting requests less than 24-hours in advance and same day of service.