Birmingham Drop-In Pet Sitting Service

Most Reliable Pet Sitting Service in Birmingham

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In need of a dependable drop-in pet sitting service in Birmingham?

Poodah’s Dog Walking and Pet Sitting services are here for you!

Birmingham’s best drop-in pet sitting visits are great for pets that need care while you’re out of town, but not necessarily an overnight cuddle buddy. Many cat owners choose this option for their, ahem, independent furry roommates. Each visit can be scheduled in 15-minute increments, or as long as you’d like, and as often as you need, and include the following:

  • All the love, hugs, tummy rubs, and attention your pet needs
  • Fresh food, water, and treats
  • Walks, exercise, and playtime
  • Medication administration
  • Cleaning/tidying up of pet areas
  • Potty breaks and cleanup of pet waste
  • Home-related care, like collecting newspapers, mail, and packages, watering your indoor/outdoor plants and gardens, alternating lights and blinds, putting out the trash, caring for your outdoor wildlife (squirrels/birds).

Care for your pets as many times per day as needed, making every attempt to maintain your pet’s routine. You’ll notice we said pets, as in, plural. We only charge for the scheduled time it takes to provide quality care to your pets, however many you have, and to follow through on our promised home care.

Custom Drop-in Pet Sitting Options

Any other reasonable pet or home care—all drop-in pet sitting visits are personalized to accommodate you and your pet’s needs! Services are booked a la carte. Feel free to mix times and lengths as it suits your household.


$17 for 15-minutes


$22 for 30-minutes


$26 for 45-minutes


$32 for 60-minutes

Do you prefer a longer walk at night with a quicker visit in the morning?

Does your household need longer than an hour? That can be arranged!

We can definitely arrange it for you!


*Our minimum standard of care requires 2 visits for dogs or 1 visit for cats and other small animals per 24 hours. We’re happy to discuss a plan that works for both your vacation and your budget.

*Holiday Sitting Rates

Additional $10 per sitting on all major holidays.

*Holidays include: Easter Sunday Memorial Day Fourth of July Labor Day Thanksgiving Day Christmas Eve Christmas Day New Year’s Eve New Year’s Day

*Short Notice Fee

$8 Inconvenience Fee

For all last-minute pet walking/sitting requests less than 24-hours in advance and same day of service.