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The needs of domestic cats are often unnoticed. You may ask yourself, what are the unique needs of a cat? Quite a few people will wonder the same.  A misunderstanding exists that cats are unsociable creatures that can get by on their own with little or no supervision and really don’t need a sitter. That is not true at all. in fact, cats need as much attention as dogs do.

Cats will benefit greatly from being cared for in the amenities of their own household while you are away for a day or on vacation. Cats desire routine, they need a safety net to keep them away and out of trouble and they need the basics.

Cats Desire Routine

Cats are all for predictability and routine and they usually form their routines around their family’s routines. Without routine cats can become without reason stressed. Just similar to what humans experience, stress can wreak havoc on a cat’s physical and mental condition. In fact stress due to a change in daily routines can leave your cat upset and unhappy. Letting them stay around their daily routine essentials like toys, food, music, and clean litter boxes can keep them happy and feeling safe and secure. Cats need a safety net and having their essentials around gives them just that.

Cats are experts at masking their discomfort and this is believed to an evolutionary holdover from their days in the wild, where illness or injury puts a target on their backs to predators close by. Not only would the look of weakness make a wild cat more vulnerable, but it would also put them in danger of being bullied or abandoned by the group.

Although our domestic cats today don’t have to worry about becoming prey, they may view other pets in the household-or even other people as rivalry for resources like food and water. Whether driven by a deeply ingrained instinct or by overprotective kitty logic, cats worry that showing signs of pain will cause them to lose out to a more deserving animal, encouraging them to mask their feelings. This is one of the best reasons to have a sitter checking in or cat, as a result, the sitter will be able to keep a good handle on your cat’s health and safety.

Cats Need The Essentials

We at Poodah’s would like to give yourself and your cat a peace of mind knowing that by adding a professional cat sitter to your to do list when planning a trip. If you consider leaving a bowl of water and food behind will be enough, that’s only somewhat correct. Simply because automatic feeders can get jammed and bowls of water and food can get knocked over. Having someone to keep an eye on these things while your away will keep your cat happy and comfortable.

Cat Sitting Service Prices

Daytime cat-sitting visits can last anywhere from 15 minutes to 60 minutes or longer. A standard daytime cat-sitting visit generally includes feeding, watering, playing, and giving affection. Cats who are more independent or aloof may be more interested in snacks than snuggles, but some owners just like knowing their cats aren’t alone all day.

All visits include:

Giving food, water, and medication
Walking or exercise
Litter box scooping
Bringing in mail
Adjusting lights in the home

15-minute Visit


30-minute Visit


60-minute Visit

$32 /evening

Overnight Cat Sitting Service

Cat sitters can be hired to stay overnight and care for an animal in the client’s home. Many clients choose this option if they want the security of having someone in the home, if they have an elderly or sick cat, or if they have a kitten that needs greater levels of attention.


$65/up to 2 cats



*Holiday Sitting Rates

Additional $10 per sitting on all major holidays.

*Holidays include: Easter Sunday Memorial Day Fourth of July Labor Day Thanksgiving Day Christmas Eve Christmas Day New Year’s Eve New Year’s Day

*Short Notice Fee

$8 Inconvenience Fee

For all last-minute pet walking/sitting requests less than 24-hours in advance and same day of service.